Japanese Potteries(Explanations to the technical terms of ceramics No.9)

There are various technical words on potteries. Here are some of those, for which I'd like to give you some remarks.


It is about cups for coffee or tea that have a handle. Curious to say, there had been no such vessel with a handle in Japan until cups were brought from overseas. They had tea with Yunomi (a Japanese tea cup with no handle) and soup with Owan (a bawl) holding it in a hand or in both hands.

There are cups with a handle for coffee, for tea, and for the both. In England, however, they have a historical fact that they used to drink tea from a saucer to which the tea was poured from a cup, because of their habit to have soup with a soup plate. That is, the capacity of a cup and a saucer had to be the same. Even now, we can see some traditional tea cups with a saucer that is a little deep of which capacity is exactly calculated. And, more than anything else, the cups must be widely open with their white inside surface for appreciating the beautiful color of tea.

On the other hand, cups for coffee are not widely open to keep in the flavor of coffee. The size of cups varies by the strength of coffee from the small one like demitasses to the one for caf? au lait that is almost as big as mugs. If you are a coffee lover, youfd better have several kinds of cups depending on your favorite style.

Cups for both of coffee and tea are intermediate in shape between tea cups and coffee cups, and if the word of coffee or tea is not in the name of the cup, it probably can be one of them as long as the opening is obviously wide or narrow.

A hot drink, both of tea or coffee, has relaxing effects and relieves the troubled mind. If you are with your friend, it may get a conversation to start moving, and if you are alone, you can alter the state of mind. Taking plenty of time if possible, wefd like to relax and enjoy the drink.

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