About Gen Emon Kiln

About To Sho En

The Bizen porcelain ware is said to have been established in the 13th century. Kiln firing and its sales was authorized only to "Rokusei". (*) One of them was KIMURA, the To Sho En's name today. The Kimura family organized other kilns and potters to deterred untraditional young kilns. Even after the system disappeared in the 19th century, they have been ahead of other kilns and mainly drive Bizen porcelain ware as the center of its authority.

(*) "Rokusei"
It was the guild authorized by Bizen-Han which had a power to govern the area. Roku means "6", and "sei" means family names. The following 6 families were allowed to produce porcelain ware and sales ? Kimura, Kaneshige, Mori, Terami, Ooae, and Tonguu.