About Gen Emon Kiln

Allure of Gen Emon Kiln

In general, porcelain ware tends to give us a solid and cool impression. However, tableware alongside with people's daily life should be something warm. Arita porcelain ware built their own tranquil atmosphere which is exactly like the Arita's natural feature. Rhythmical paintings on durable and handy shapes, elegant patterns ? they are warmly and tenderly encouraging us. Such lovely work makes us want to touch and cherish the porcelain.


The most valuable point is that all producing processes are hand-made. Although Arita artist's handcraft-work is precisely done, it is absolutely different from the automatic work by machines. You can feel human warmness in all Arita works such as canna shaving marks, preliminary sketch lines, softness of a glazing, and strength of brushstroke.