About Gen Emon Kiln

Allure of To Sho En

To Sho En spirit which is not only from experience and technique through a long history, but also the attitude for enthusiastic study, has been continuously taken over until present. Many kinds of flower vases and ornament pieces represent products of To Sho En. You must realize the the smell of nobleness from the material itself when you face it.


All Bizen porcelain ware is hand-made by well-experienced pottery artists and it dazzlingly takes a long time for a piece of work. They specially cultivate clay of high quality through a natural procese for over 10 years, and then finally start to produce their works. After careful drying, it needs another 2 weeks for firing with the climbing kiln. The time enhances Bizen's clay attractions the most. You must want to cherish the Bizen porcelain ware made with a lot of time and efforts just like a top quality wine.